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Roofing Process

Your roofing project has been approved and scheduled, now what? Get to know the roofing process with Premier Roofing Company!

Prep and Protect Your Property

Before your project begins, the Premier Roofing team will lay down tarps in your driveway and over landscaping near the home to protect your property from any debris that may fall during the tear-off and installation of your new roof.

Removal Of Old Roof and Deck Prep

Once your property is projected, your Premier Roofing team will start your roofing project by removing the existing roofing, inspecting the decking, and repairing or replacing it as needed.

Install Leak Barrier and Deck Protection

Next, your team will install leak barrier at eaves, sidewalls, skylights, valleys, and penetrations and cover the remainder of the roof with deck protection.

Install New Shingles

Your roof is now ready for shingles! Each shingle is installed with 6 fasteners. During the installation, your team will ensure coursing, valleys, ridges, hips, and rakes are straight. They will also install and paint any accessories and flashing per GAF specifications.

Clean Up

Now that your roof has been replaced, your Premier Roofing team will begin the cleanup stage of your project by clearing the roof, gutters, yard, and driveway of all debris. They will ensure gutters and siding are not marked by shingles and probe your yard with magnets to pick up any loose nails.


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Premier Roofing was awesome to work with! They did everything they said they would from the beginning. Communication was excellent and my roof looks great! Very pleased with how everything turned out. Definitely recommend Premier to everyone!

– Juanita H