Change Of Leadership

Luke Marklin Named New CEO of Premier Roofing

Mr. Marklin Replaces Chris Tulp in His New Role Effective Aug. 1

DENVER, CO ––  Nationally-recognized Premier Roofing Company, one of the largest residential roofing services providers in the U.S., has announced that Luke Marklin will take over as Chief Executive Officer, effective Aug. 1, 2023. In his exciting and dynamic new position, Marklin replaces Co-Founder and Board Member, Chris Tulp.

A Premier Roofing representative said Mr. Marklin’s resume and accomplishments are impressive, making him the ideal choice to replace Mr. Tulp. They added that Mr. Tulp will continue to support Premier as founder, helping with strategy and key initiatives.

Premier Roofing has 400 teammates in 15 cities across the U.S., replacing thousands of roofs on homes annually, according to the company.

“Premier’s growth and success would not be possible without the hard work and dedication of every member of the Premier Team,” said Mr. Tulp.  “We will continue to thrive and grow to new heights under the leadership of Luke Marklin who has the experience and track record to guide Premier to the next level.”

Marklin joins Premier from Bellhop, a nationwide, tech-based moving business. In his role at Bellhop, Mr. Marklin served as CEO, overseeing more than 3,000 employees and contractors in the residential moving market.

During his six-year tenure at Bellhop, Marklin grew the company from 15 to 40 locations. These impressive gains bumped Bellhop to No. 2 in the U.S. News and World Reports list of Best Moving Companies.

Marklin has also successfully navigated positions as a general manager at Uber Technologies Inc. (Uber), director at Emerson Electric Co. and a construction manager for Barton Marlow.

A Premier spokesperson said Mr. Marklin’s proven record of building strong relationships with teammates and his track record of success are exactly what Premier needs to scale and lead the company during its current phase of growth.

“Thanks to the hard work from every teammate, Premier is one of the leaders in the $50B roofing industry.” said Marklin, CEO of Premier. “I’m excited to work alongside our dedicated team members as we continue our rapid growth towards being the largest and most beloved company in our space.”


Denver, CO-based Premier Roofing Company was co-founded by Ben McFerron and Chris Tulp in 2005. Since then, the company has built on its reputation for success, replacing more than 30,000 residential roofs to date.

Starting with the work of two then-recent college graduates ––  McFerron and Tulp ––  Premier now operates from 15  locations: Atlanta, Charlotte, Colorado Springs, Denver, Des Moines, Fort Collins, Indianapolis, Kansas City, Minneapolis, Omaha, Oklahoma City, Raleigh, San Antonio, St. Louis and Wichita.

Throughout its growth, Premier’s mission has remained the same: to be the biggest and best residential roofing company in America, with the happiest customers and teammates in the industry.

As part of its “giving back” philosophy, Premier offers a  scholarship to selected college students interested in sales.

“I’m so proud to be joining an organization that offers an opportunity to achieve economic freedom to all our front line teams” said Marklin. “The opportunity to earn and grow your career is truly unlike any other company I’ve seen.”

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