Understanding Insurance Terms

Insurance Guide

Helping you to understand common insurance terms seen in the roofing process.


Replacement Cost Value, or the initial insurance-estimated cost to replace your roof.

Recoverable Depreciation

The amount the value of your roof has decreased because it isn’t brand new.


Actual Cash Value. The RCV minus Recoverable Depreciation = ACV.

Deductible or Copay

Subtracted from your claim. The deductible or copay will be paid out-of-pocket to your contractor.

When your roof is completed, you will be given:

  • Your Recoverable Depreciation
  • Supplements for Permit
  • Taxes & Code Requirements

Which makes the total payout from the insurance company to you $10,000. Or, $1,000 less than your bill from Premier to account for your deductible.

*Please note the numbers listed here are for example purposes and actual costs vary from project to project.

If a roofer provides an estimate that is more than the RCV, you will be required to pay the difference to your roofing contractor.

Example: If your RCV is $10,000, and your estimate is $12,000, you owe the roofing contractor $2,000 (the difference) + $1,000 (the deductible) = $3,000 total out of pocket.

If a roofer provides an estimate that is less than the RCV, your insurance company will only release enough money to cover the estimate.

Example: If your RCV is $8,000, and your estimate is $8,000, you only owe the roofing company your $1,000 deductible = $1,000 total out of pocket for a cheap roof.

Working With Premier

When you sign our agreement, all you have to pay is your deductible, and you get the roof we discussed.

Example: If your RCV is $10,000, you only owe Premier your deductible = $1,000 total out of pocket for the full Premier Roofing System with the best available products and expert installation.


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